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Compositions of Boards at Calvary Chapels

In a real church the board is made up of people from inside the church. That's true at a lot of the smaller Calvary Chapels but it is not true at the larger Calvary Chapels. In fact, some of the larger Calvary Chapels have few to no board members who actually attend the church.


How did we get to this point? It is the Moses Principle run amok. But it was not intended to be this way.


Not in Chuck's Plan

The Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel recommends having board members from inside the local church. Chuck Smith wrote:


Whenever we are looking for new board members, I always look in the Saturday night prayer meeting for men who have prayed with me for years. I can trust them. I know that they are men of prayer; men who will seek the counsel and the guidance of God, even as I seek the counsel and guidance of God; men who were faithful in the Saturday night prayer meetings with me.


How can a foreign board member meet this qualification?


Why does it matter who is on the board?

This became an issue at Calvary of Albuquerque where it was learned that most of the board members were from outside the church. They had a link to Skip Heitzig but little to no connection to the church itself. As a result they failed to do their fiduciary duty as board members to look out for the interests of Calvary of Albuquerque.


Heitzig choose such persons as Franklin Graham for his board. Heitzig, it should be noted serves on the board of Franklin Graham's well-respected \"Samaritan's Purse\" ministry. These old boy networks are common at the larger Calvary Chapels.


As another example, Chuck Smith's nephew, Chuck Fromm serves on the board of directors of Greg Laurie's Riverside, CA church, Harvest.

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