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Calvary Chapel Controversies

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Calvary Chapel Controversies


Calvary Chapel is no stranger to controversies. There have been a number of them in the past.


David T Moore photographed in hot tub with naked women

Southwest Community gets a new pastor | Bob Thune now fills the role vacated by David T. Moore, who resigned in November 2002 amid questions of financial improprieties and after photos surfaced of him in a hot tub with his wife and another woman, both of whom were topless (The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, Fla..) More on Moore here.


Graduation Ceremony venue change from CC

Interesting story about a change of venue for a graduation. "Many grumbled that the conditions would have been better at the more spacious Calvary Chapel in West Melbourne, where graduation was held last year. But Bayside was one of four public high schools forced to abandon that venue after two families sued the school district, arguing it was inappropriate to hold the ceremonies in front of the chapel's giant cross. A federal judge agreed the ceremonies might violate the Constitution, and the district settled the case last fall."


CC Pastor on 666

The date 06-06-06 is right around the corner (or has just passed if we haven't edited this yet). Here's one CC pastor who sees no significance in the date.


CCOF Comes out against Emergent Church (May 2006)

Chuck Smith, through the CCOF has come out against the emergent church. Some see this as a distancing of Chuck Sr from Chuck Jr.


Calvary of Albuquerque (Feb 2006)

It seem that when Skip Heitzig resigned as pastor of Calvary of Albuquerque he never quite left. Read the rest of the story. This controversy is also being well covered by the Phoenix Preacher.


Smith(s)/Kester/CSN Lawsuits (2005-2006)

Chuck and Jeff Smith and Mike Kester are in a legal battle for the control of CSN. This controversy is being well covered by the Phoenix Preacher.


Calvary Chapel Pastors removed for Calvinism

Here's the story of one pastor removed for being a Calvinist. There are other stories, too.


Maranatha Music! Sale in Sweetheart Deal to Smith relative

Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa had a ministry called Maranatha Music!. This became a multimillion dollar company and Chuck Smith sold Maranatha Music! to his nephew Chuck Fromm and a group of investors called "The Corinthian Group". Details of the sale are unknown.


Chuck Missler - Multiple Plagiarist

Missler caught for a second time in a plagiarism scandal.


Chuck Missler - Militia connections

Missler has connections to the militia movements.


Joe Sobolick sues Calvary Chapel Pastors and Board

Joseph Sabolick, 46, founded what became a popular branch of the Calvary Chapel in Laguna Beach in 1997, but said he was ousted from his pulpit last year after his brother, George Sabolick, and others falsely accused him of adultery, pedophilia and misappropriation of more than $1 million in church funds. Sobolick sued Calvary Laguna, Don McClure, Dennis Davenport, Bob Caldwell, Chris Norman, George Sabolick (all pastors) and a few other people. He eventually dropped the lawsuit. Read the story.


David Hocking Ex-communicated Pastor Received as Pastor by Chuck Smith

David Hocking was caught in adultery and removed from his position at Calvary of Santa Ana. Hocking was taken in with open arms by Chuck Smith and given a Wednesday night Bible study at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Read the story here.


The Calvary Distinctives Have Resulted in Dogmatism on Non-essentials

Calvary Chapel is dogmatic on non-essentials.


Calvary Chapel has attacked Set Free/Phil Aguilar

Read the story here.


Calvary's Politics

What are the politics of Calvary Chapel?


Calvary Chapel sues Universities of California system

Read it here.


Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard

Vineyard described.


Calvary Chapel attacks other denominations

Read here.


Ancient false claims about Calvary by John Todd

John Todd accused Chuck Smith of taking money from the Illuminati.


Calvary Chapel's Support for Israel

Some describe the support as blind.


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