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How Are Pastors Trained at Calvary Chapel?

Calvary Chapel has a Bible college program that is located in Murietta Hot Springs, California called Calvary Chapel Bible College (CCBC). The program is a two-year program.


Program Teaching Core

The central core of the CCBC Program requires the students to listen to Chuck Smith's complete Bible taped commentary series. Tell any serious Bible College student that this is the core of their program and be prepared for some of the Toronto Blessing (laughter starts from the belly, let it bubble up your belly). Obviously, their program is not accredited.


Leadership of the Bible College

Chuck Smith is the President of the Bible College. Chuck's Son-In-Law, Brian Broderson is the Vice-President of the Bible College.




Costs are listed as about $2750.00 per semester. For four semesters, this comes out to about $11,000.00.




Larry Taylor states on the SoB for Calvary Chapel, that:


As an individual believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, we welcome you to our churches and Bible College programs regardless of your background or doctrinal position.


This is blatantly untrue. The real fact is that they will boot you out if you are a five point Calvinist. Maybe what Taylor meant was:


You can believe any thing you want as long as you keep your mouth shut.

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