Moderated Calvary Chapel Listserve

A moderated listserve was started in March 1999 to handle the growing numbers of reports of spiritual and emotional abuse in the Calvary Chapel movement. Obviously, this list is not an official Calvary Chapel resource. The list is open to anyone interested. The listserve is here.


Here is a description of that listserve.


The Calvary Chapel Abuse Discussion Group is a private and moderated forum. Victims of abuse by pastors and layleaders are invited to join in the discussion, as well as those in positions of authority in Calvary Chapel.

The purpose of this forum is not to "trash" Calvary Chapel, but is rather threefold:

1. To provide a place for those who have been abused by their church leaders to openly tell their stories. To act as a forum to start those who have been abused towards the process of recovery.

2. To increase awareness of abuses of authority within Calvary Chapel. To deny, hush up abuses and sweep them under the carpet only exacerbates the problems of abuse that do exist.

3. To sanely and cooperatively try to discover what causes authority abuse, and to seek solutions.

This forum is open to anyone, however the subject matter is moderated and will be confined at the discretion of the moderator to the above three objectives. Bear in mind that Calvary Chapel pastors post to the list as well as people who have been abused. If you are expecting the Calvary Chapel representatives to be helpful in resolving problems don't expect much help. They are in the group to protect Chuck Smith and will do so at all costs.


Another great on-line resource is the Phoenix Preacher BLOG. Be aware that Calvary Chapelites frequent the group and attempt to reabuse victims by minimizing their pain.