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The Organizational Glue

The claim is made by Calvary Chapelites that Calvary Chapel is not a denomination. If that is the case, then how are the Calvary Chapels held together? What determines if a local church is a Calvary Chapel or not?


For CC, it is the Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships. This organization lists three purposes:



First, we want to serve the fellowships by providing materials that will define the Calvary Chapel philosophy as described in Calvary Chapel Distinctives. These materials will be gathered from sources such as previous pastors conferences, books, pamphlets, and sermons given by Pastor Chuck as he outlines and defines the call and ministry of a pastor.

The second major function of CCOF is how we would like to encourage accountability to God, to His Word, and to fellow pastors. Accountability is first to the pastor who ordained the applicant to minister. We will also look to our regional lead pastors located worldwide to maintain the relationship of personal accountability with the Calvary Chapel pastors located in their respective regions. We will be accountable to one another so as to avoid becoming an offense to our Lord, our fellowship of pastors, or to other Calvary Chapel fellowships.

The third major function of CCOF will deal with the pastor’s application for fellowship with other Calvary churches. The pastor’s personal record will be kept in both the CCOF office and the regional pastor’s office. To become a new CCOF church, or when there is a change of the senior pastor, the application process must be followed by every senior pastor to remain a recognized Calvary Chapel.


Not a Denomination?

They have distinctives, regional leadership and a paperwork process. Now exactly how is this not a denomination? Oh, that's right. Denominations are bad and Calvary Chapel is good therefore Calvary Chapel is not a denomination.


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