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Do Local Calvary Chapels Report to Costa Mesa?


From Starting a Calvary Chapel Affiliate, by Larry Taylor, former President of the Calvary Chapel Bible College, published by Calvary Chapel Bible College, page 29, titled Starting a Church.



In Calvary Chapel, the oversight of all the outreach churches is entrusted to Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship the church affiliation office at Big Calvary. (CCOF, 3800 Fairview Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704, 714-979-4422, Oden Fong, Director.) No one can call themselves a Calvary Chapel or claim affiliation with Calvary Chapel without approval from this office, so work through them to affiliate, and keep them informed as to what you are doing.

CCOF has two employees in a tiny office to look out for 600+ churches, so the likelihood of getting one of them on the phone is slim. Instead, I suggest that at least once a month you write a succinct letter to Oden telling him briefly what God is doing in your church. Part of accountability is keeping those to whom we are submitted informed about what goes on good and bad.

Don't toot your own horn (Jonathan got the victory and Saul blew the trumpet) or use your letter politically, just make it brief and informative, trusting God to have somebody tell you if you get off track.

As one of Pastor Chuck's assisting pastors, I tell him everything. If I mess up, I want him to hear it from me first. I give him as much data as I can so he can effectively oversee the ministry. Do the same with your church and your relationship with CCOF.

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