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Charles W. "Chuck" Missler


According to his biography, Missler was a graduate of the Naval Academy. Missler is a licensed Ham radio operator. He served on the Board of Directors of 12 public companies and was CEO of 6 of them.


Missler's "PhD"


Missler has a PhD from Louisiana Baptist University a controversial, unaccredited on-line university. Interestingly:


... by purchasing and reading a book by Chuck Missler and writing a short paper, one can receive college credit from Louisiana Baptist University. Assist News quoted Missler as explaining that LBU "has offered course credits for those that do a 'reflective paper' on what they got out of it". In addition to the three semester hours credit, people "also get a certificate for it." According to Missler's website, the university allows students to transfer "credits" from Missler's Koinonia Institute for "up to half of the credit hour requirements for a graduate degree" at Louisiana Baptist University.


Missler's Business Dealings


1Ti 3:7  Moreover he [a church leader] must have a good report of them which are without; lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil.


Missler's own business claims are detailed here.


Missler's Phoenix Group International had a deal to sell computers to the Soviet Union schools (1989) which went bust. This send Missler into personal bankruptcy. From the LA Times:


Phoenix's largest unsecured creditors include the Missler Group, a company controlled by Charles Missler, owed $234,071; Chuck Smith, a Santa Ana church pastor, owed $150,000; Woodman Office Building in Colorado Springs, owed $61,568; Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, a Newport Beach law firm, owed $57,794; and Alexander Metherell of Laguna Beach, owed $51,230.


Smith, pastor at Calvary Chapel in Santa Ana and a personal friend of Missler, said he loaned $150,000 to Phoenix last summer to help the company increase production of its diskless personal computers. The loan was to be repaid in November, Smith said.


Missler also has a controversial history with Helionetics. This involved Missler reportedly agreeing to pay $1.6 Million in damages.


Helionetics President Michael Mann called the settlement a fair one for the company and said its terms approached the $2 million that the company had sought in compensatory damages from Missler. The company also asked for $5 million in punitive damages, but no such terms were included in the deal.


The suit alleged that, while employed as Helionetics' chairman and chief executive, Missler controlled an outside company that purchased another company--a small defense electronics maker--that Missler had earlier rejected as a potential investment for Helionetics.


The suit charged that the purchased company, Resdel Industries in Arcadia, would have been valuable to Helionetics and that Missler took improper personal advantage of the opportunity.


Missler's actions with Resdel are equally interesting and well covered in the press.


Resdel Industries, a financially ailing Newport Beach defense contractor, said Thursday that it has agreed to sell about 90% of the company's operations to an unnamed "major multinational corporation."


Resdel Chairman Charles W. Missler said the sale "is a key part of our strategic plan to redeploy Resdel's assets into commercial growth areas, including expansion of our telecommunications products."


And in October, Resdel announced an $8.3-million loss and laid off 100 employees, which was a quarter of its work force at the time.




Missler and his wife, Nancy, have four grown children; Chip, Mark, Lisa and Michelle.


Today, Chuck Missler is the undisputed Calvary Chapel King of conspiracy theories and controversies.


Missler's controversies include profiteering from the Y2K non-crisis, getting booted off CSN, being caught again in plagiarism. At one point Missler was so outrageous that Chuck Smith had Missler's message tape pulled from the Chapel Store. Missler's psuedo-science includes the discredited belief that the speed of light is slowing. Missler has other crazy science ideas including these ideas. Missler thought that the Mars was once very close to the earth. Some other criticisms of Missler.


Some of the more outrageous Missler-isms are documented here and here and here.


Missler vs Richard Abanes

Missler claims his critics are New World Order conspirators. Richard Abanes responded to Missler's craziness.


Bibliography of Missler's writings


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