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Chuck Smith Jr

From Bill Alnor, Chuck Jr appears to have been given the left foot of fellowship by his dad, Alnor says that Chuck Sr. His church, Calvary Chapel of Capo Beach, has been taken from the CCOF list of Calvary affiliates. We can't confirm that since they are still on the Calvary Chapel page. Chuck Jr has written this response on a BLOG (the details make sense but his identity has not been confirmed).


From Bill Alnor:




We are happy to announce that Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowship has finally dropped Capo Beach Calvary Chapel from its list of affiliated Calvary Chapel churches. This is significant due to the fact that its pastor, Chuck Smith Jr., is the son of the movement’s founder Chuck Smith.


If you look up Capo Beach Calvary on the church list you will not find it there now. (www.calvarychapel.com)


Chuck Smith Jr. has surfaced as a leader in the Emerging Church movement, and over the weekend the elder Smith released a statement (pdf) condemning the "Emerging Church" movement.


Lest anyone doubt it, Chuck Smith is still calling the shots as head of the CCOF. Some might claim that Chuck has enough control to remove a pastor for emergent church ministries to the pomo’s but not enough control to fix the ethical crisis? Don’t make that mistake. Smith is in control and will hold on to control until the day they pull his plug.

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