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Charles "Chuck" Ward Smith





  • Born 1927
  • Location born Ventura, CA
  • Died Oct 2013


  • Father Charles Smith; - died in private plane crash with his son Bill Smith

  • Mother Maude Smith
  • Siblings
  • Brother Bill (youngest) - Died in private plane crash with his father Charles Smith
  • Family religious affiliation Foursquare Pentecostal
  • Education L. I. F. E. Bible College
    • Professors at LIFE Dr. Guy Duffield, Dr. Nathaniel Van Cleave
  • Married Catherine (Kay) Louise Johnson
  • Residence Newport Beach.
    • Smith's house worth approximately 1.2 million dollars (1996 prices).


    Keeping it in the family


    Smith's Children


    Daughter - Jan


    Son - Jeffrey Wayne Smith

    • Born 3-27-53, Orange County
    • Jeff is divorced.
    • Jeff's second wife is the daughter of Dwight Thompson from TBN.


    Son - Chuck Smith Jr.


    • Chuck Jr. is divorced.
    • Chuck and his first wife, Chris, have five children (their ages in 1987): Will, 11; Jennifer, 9; Michael, 7; and twins Scott and Karen, 3.
    • His daughter, Jennifer Smith Stankovits, wife of Sid Stankovits, the owner of Sid's Tattoo Parlor.

    From:  website.


    Monday, January 11, 1999

    A New Point of View: Tattoos: Across the U.S., a network of parlors

    specializing in Christian imagery is making its mark.

    By ELAINE GALE, Times Staff Writer

    Perhaps no one feels more caught between the two views of tattooing than Jennifer Stankovits, wife of Sid Stankovits, the owner of Sid's Tattoo Parlor.

    She's the granddaughter of Chuck Smith Sr., founder of the Calvary Chapel movement--a Pentecostal church started in 1965 in Costa Mesa that now has over 700 affiliates--and the daughter of Chuck Smith Jr., pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Capistrano Beach.

    She's caught between her choice to express her faith and her father's and grandfather's wishes that she not get any more tattoos.

    "They think tattooing looks too rough," the 21-year-old said, showing off her eight tattoos, including a "Rock of Ages" banner on her forearm and an 12-inch portrait of Christ's face tattooed on her back by her husband. "I've always thought it would be cool to get the Last Supper tattooed on my back."

    Her father said he is amazed at how popular the tattoos are in his church among young people and that Jennifer's generation has a different idea about the nature of their skin.

    "They have the idea of skin as a canvas. In high school, we made our statement with hair," said Smith Jr., 47. "But their skin is an accessory--they puncture it, stud it, draw on it."

    Although Sid Stankovits has tattooed people of all ages in his retro-style shop--the oldest was 78--he said the Christian tattoo market is mostly twentysomethings who literally embody their beliefs.

    "Generation X is more into individuality," he said.

    Stankovits, 27, met his future wife while he was tattooing her then-boyfriend. After they got married two years ago in Las Vegas, they opened the tattoo parlor together. He said most tattoos done by the shop's four evangelical Christian tattoo artists are religious.




      Cheryl Smith Broderson

    Daughter - Cheryl

    • Daughter Cheryl married Brian Broderson who returned to CCCM. Cheryl married Brian Brodersen, at the age of 20. Together they ministered in Costa Mesa, Calvary Chapel Vista and London. Cheryl teaches at Women’s studies, retreats, and the weekly Joyful Life Bible study at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.
    • Broaderson was Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Vista, in Southern California, and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Westminster, London, England. Brian has been extensively involved in missionary work throughout various parts of Europe. He now serves as Associate Pastor to Chuck Smith, at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California.

     Brian Broderson

    • Brian and Cheryl's daughter Krysten married Michael Smith. Smith grew up in Florida. His dad was a baptist (from Florida) and my mom was a buddhist (from Thailand). He graduated in 1994 earning a degree in biology and became a Christian. He met my wife Kristyn in London and moved to California where he worked as the youth pastor at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. In 2005, in Santa Rosa he took over pastoring a 4 month old church. Now, after almost 4 years of serving in Sonoma County, He moved to southern California where he is teaching zoology at Vanguard University and teaching the saturday night study at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. From the vanguard.edu website: Michael Smith, M.A.; msmith@calvarychapel.com; Adjunct Professor of Biology  B.S., Florida State University; M.A. in Biology, St. Joseph College. Michael is also currently a pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and teaches the Saturday night service at that church.

    Michael Smith


    Wikipedia entry on Chuck Smith


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