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Is Calvary Dogmatic on Non-Essentials of the Faith?


CC holds its own peculiar views on certain non-essentials of the faith and will enforce those views with excommunication. This has happened to several students at CCBC (CC Bible College) recently and to at least three individual Calvary Chapels for violating the first point of the following list. The three particular dogmas that will result in removal from CC are:


* Five Point Calvinism will not be tolerated.

* Any other eschatological view other than the pre-tribulational, pre-millennial return of Christ will not be tolerated.

* Word of Faith teachings will not be tolerated.


But doesn't every other denomination do the same thing. Some of the other denominations do the same thing. The question is what doctrines they decide to discriminate on. Many denominations are not nearly as exclusionist as Calvary Chapel, but have solid Evangelical credentials.

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