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Who is Greg Laurie?


Greg Laurie is the "senior pastor" of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside.


This church has over 12,000 attendees each week. Laurie's church is reportedly the 8th largest in America. This was formerly known as Calvary Chapel of Riverside. Laurie has benefited from the Southern California demographics. Many of the younger people that got saved at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in the late 1970's grew up and bought houses. Unfortunately for them, Orange County property prices were too high for many of them. They ended up in Riverside County adjacent to Orange County where they wanted to have their own Calvary Chapel.


At last check, there were 11 separate Harvest's in the Calvary Chapel denomination.


Laurie bears a strong physical resemblance to the denominational leader, Pastor Chuck Smith. Greg Laurie is considered by many to be a strong contender for the throne as Calvary Chapel leader when Chuck Smith retires or passes away. Laurie has a congregation in Riverside but lives many miles away in the beach community of San Clemente. Laurie still teaches Monday nights at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.


One of our favorite stories is where Greg Laurie tells about how he became a Calvary Chapel pastor and the method of training that he went through. When Laurie announced that he wanted to be a Calvary Chapel pastor to Chuck Smith, reportedly, Smith told him to go talk to Romaine, Smith's assistant. After Laurie told Romaine what his intentions are, he asked Romaine if there was somewhere he could start. Romaine pointed Laurie to the broom and told him to go sweep up outside. This reminds me of the episodes of a TV show from the 1970's called, "Kung Fu". On that show the young Kane is told to follow a similar path in his discipleship.


Greg Laurie is the featured speaker at the Harvest Crusades.


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