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"Hank" Hanegraaff

Hank Hanegraaff is the President of the Christian Research Institute, a counter-cult organization founded by the late Dr. Walter Martin.


The Calvary Connection

Hanegraaff was ordained as a Calvary Chapel pastor by Chuck Smith himself. Hank has been on again and off again in the graces of Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith. In the past, Hanegraaff had a lot of speaking engagements at Calvary Chapels.


Hanegraaff knows Smith teaches heresy but fails to act

Hanegraaff had Norman Geilser on his program on "The Battle for the Resurrection". They discussed Chuck Smith's heretical views of the resurrection without mentioning Smith by name.


Hanegraff out of favor at the moment

Hanegraaff is off CSN now because he has turned into a partial preterist.



Hanegraaff has been a center of controversy over the years for many reasons including:

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