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The Calvary Church of Santa Ana/David Hocking Incident

David Hocking


This story starts a step back. Hocking was the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of Santa Ana (no relation to Calvary Chapel). The church grew under his leadership to be large:



Calvary Church to dedicate OC's largest worship center" [75,000 square feet, 3,200 seats -- $9.7 million] Orange County Register, 11/24/91, p. B1


In Oct 1992, the elders of Calvary Church caught David Hocking in a major scandal involving marital infidelity. The elders of the church told Hocking that he would no longer be the Senior Pastor of Calvary Church and would have to undergo a three-year restoration process.


Refusing to accept the restoration plan of the elders at Calvary Church, Hocking's long-time buddy Chuck Smith took him in. Reportedly, Smith said that this great man of God should not be wasted, and took in David Hocking as a Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa staff member. Hocking was excommunicated by Calvary Church of Santa Ana after he refused to submit to the elders of the church in their restoration process.


Calvary Church of Santa Ana had based their restoration process on the process outlined in a chapter reportedly authored by David Hocking of Tim LaHaye's book If Ministers Fall, Can They Be Restored?


In the beginning CCCM did not call Hocking a "Pastor". However, Hocking was preaching at the church and teaching at the CCBC within a very few weeks. Presently, when Hocking's radio program on KWVE is announced, Hocking is called a pastor. We went to a service at CCCM about the end of 1995 where Hocking announced that he would no longer be on staff at CCCM, but would still be teaching there during the weeknights.


Hocking, soon after coming to Calvary Chapel, started teaching at CCCM on Wednesday nights and other times as well (the CCCM school of ministry) as well as at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Twin Peaks (near Lake Arrowhead, CA). It is obvious to everyone from the close timing of the events that at CCCM there was no restoration process.


This turned into a simple sheep stealing exercise as Calvary Church emptied out and CCCM further filled up due entirely to the presence of David Hocking. Calvary Church went into a financial down spin and having Hocking preaching less than 10 miles away on Wednesday nights made the situation much worse.


Hocking is no longer teaching at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa (7-98).


This was a major point of contention between Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa and other local churches in the community (particularly CCSA). This caused a major scandal here in Southern California where the results are still being felt.


The LA Times carried the following articles on the subject.



Excommunication Shocks, Confuses Disgraced Pastor;

Wednesday, December 23, 1992

Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920143998


The Rev. David L. Hocking, well-known former senior pastor of Calvary Church, said Tuesday that he is shocked and confused by the church elders' decision to excommunicate him for failing to show what they called "proofs of ...

Santa Ana's Rev. Hocking Quits Pulpit After Affair;

Scandal: Renowned minister acknowledges 'sexual sin' with married woman in congregation of his Calvary Church.;

Friday, October 9, 1992

Orange County Edition Section: Metro ID:0920112962

Words: 480


The Rev. David Hocking, a Protestant minister who has a national following through his taped radio sermons, resigned as pastor...


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