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Greg Laurie's Heretical View of the Nature of Jesus Christ


On his 2 tape series titled, Who Is Jesus, Laurie says:


here was Jesus in that unique and never to be repeated blending of humanity and deity in one person.

Hear the blending quote.


On the same tape, Laurie also says that the garden of Gethsemane shows


a unique unparalleled intermingling of deity and unblemished humanity in Jesus.

Hear the intermingling quote.


9-6-97 Greg Laurie Denies Above Quotes Were Used by Him

Doug called To Every Man An Answer and Asked Greg Laurie to clarify his statements that are included above. Greg Laurie denied ever making the statements.


Why is What Laurie Teaches Wrong?

This is what is known as Monophysitism. The mingling/blending of the two natures into one is also known as Eutychianism. The words intermingling and blending are the key phrases here.


What Resources are there on this subject?

There are many, many resources that cover this subject. Any decent Systematic Theology can explain why Laurie's wording is incorrect. For instance, Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology on page 556 describes this heresy in detail:


Eutyches taught that Jesus was a mixture of divine and human elements in which both were somewhat modified to form one new nature.


In more details, Grudem, on page 556, also wrote:


An analogy to Euthycianism can be seen if we put a drop of ink into a glass of water: the mixture resulting is neither pure ink nor pure water, but some kind of third substance, a mixture of the two in which both the ink and the water are changed.


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