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Crazy Chuck


Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.


This page deals with the activities of everyone's favorite Christian Conspiracy Theorist, Chuck Missler. There was so much material on this Calvary Chapel leader, that we have given Chuck Missler his own page. This page was written to encourage Chuck Missler to become accountable to the body of Christ for the many false statements that he has made.


The E.T. AntiChrist

Chuck Missler's latest story is the claim that the Anti-Christ will either be an Extra-terrestrial, or have a connection to an extra-terrestrial. Hear Missler say it for yourself. Folks, we don't have to make this stuff up, Missler is more than enough without any extra help from us.

Missler Labels His "Attackers" as "New World Order Conspirators"


Chuck Missler has recently labeled his "attackers" as New World Order Conspirators. Missler has also again made many other statements that are patently false. These charges were made publically at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, on Feb 14, 1997. The audio and video tape are available from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Word for Today. On the tape Missler can be heard saying:


  • Prominent authors are ministers of Satan (not so oblique reference to Richard Abanes?)
  • The attack on Missler is an attack on the body of Christ from the Christian left
  • Missler specifically names Richard Abanes from the pulpit
  • Missler repeats that he is not anti-semitic
  • Missler's staff told him that Abanes's book is "unscholarly, a smear job, poorly researched, etc
  • Missler claims that Tex Marrs is threatening a lawsuit for libel
  • Missler claims that books reviews of Abanes's book have been negative and holds up the review articles but does not list the references
  • Missler reminds the listener that McVeigh has not yet been convicted
  • Claims there is no evidence for any connection between the militias and the Oklahoma City bombing
  • Attacks Abanes's statements on the limits on free speech
  • Missler admits that the use of Spotlight as a source was a mistake and blames a rush to publishing deadline
  • Missler claims he was confused and thought the source was actually "Media Spotlight", a Christian media guide
  • Missler admits that Spotlight is an antisemitic source
  • States that Warren Duffy brought it to his attention already in the past
  • Missler says source are sources and they are what they are
  • Missler claims that he was libeled by the statement that Personal Update took an "ad" for Spotlight
  • Missler says Chuck Smith told him that he had never approved the article
  • Missler then chose to put up the public letter to Hanegraaff
  • Missler chose to put it onto the home page to answer the many e-mails that he was already getting
  • Missler states that Chuck Smith confirmed again that he had not approved the article and further claims that Smith tried to stop the article
  • Missler then proceeded to read the complete letter to Hanegraaff
  • Missler claims that Walter Martin would never have allowed this to happen during his leadership at CRI
  • Missler claims that Walter Martin always protected...
  • Missler admits that he has made mistakes
  • Missler states that he has been a victim of his own haste
  • Missler then proceeds to make the claim that this is all much bigger than it appears (New World Order Conspiracy stuff)
  • Missler claims that the attacks are a badge of credential to him and K-House
  • Missler claims Hank is distincing himself from Abanes and that Hank says he did not review it too carefully
  • Hank told Missler (per Missler) that Chuck Smith had approved the article
  • Missler claims that Abanes is at the top of the list of 106 disgruntled ex-employees but admits that's confusing to him
  • Missler mentions Abanes's connection to the Skeptic Society and his position on the editorial board of the Skeptics Magazine
  • Missler repeats part of a private conversation he had with Abanes on the phone
  • Missler says Abanes tried to convince him that he is actually a conservative Christian
  • Missler then proceeds into a tyrade against the people (the Bobgans?) who have been critical of Nan Missler's writings and views of Psychology and the subconscious mind
  • Missler tells how Satan is attacking him because of the new book he's writing on the alien connection to the Antichrist (Alien Encounters available through Amazon.Com)
  • Missler reports that his computer system was hacked into
  • Missler claims to have enlisted the "World's experts" in computer security to solve the hacker problem
  • Missler makes another appeal to Chuck Smith as believing the same things about the New World Order as he does
  • Missler claims that those who do not agree with him on the NWO do so due to poor scholarship
  • Missler talks again about those who are "theoretically" within the body of Christ
  • (Earlier in the day on the Duffy show, Missler said Abanes was "posing as a Christian")
  • Missler then proceeds into a long extended boring dissertation about the history of the NWO
  • Later, Missler returns to the psychology subject
  • Missler says Nancy is being falsely portrayed (Bobgans?)
  • Missler claims to be "drowned in letters of support"
  • One person told him that his enemies are practicing a form of "legalism"
  • Missler then proceeds to read part of Max Lucado's book on the subject
  • Missler then proceeds to tell the audience, that the biggest deception is yet to come
  • Missler claims that Harvest House is interested in his new book called "Alien Encounters"
  • Missler quotes Hal Lindsey to the effect that the Anti-Christ will either be an alien, or have alien connections
  • Missler claims that the end times event will be a second visit of some more fallen angels to have sex with women (like Genesis 6 account)
  • Missler quotes an author who says UFO's are not actually objects, but are windows
  • Missler appeals to 1 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7 as proof texts
  • Missler appeals to Daniel 2 as proof text and says "they will mingle themselves with the seed of men" is evidence that the anti-christ will be an extraterrestrial
  • Missler claims that the Mars probe will find much more proof for life on Mars on July 4, 1997
  • Missler implies (as only Missler can) that the Hebrews verse about "entertaining angels unawares" may not be referring to good angels at all
  • Missler asks for prayer to help him endure the attacks
  • Missler admits that he has made mistakes in the past
  • Missler admits that he has not acknowledged sources in the past
  • Missler talks about those who are making attacks on him
  • Missler claims that his attackers have lost sight of their calling and mission
  • Missler claims to have repented to God for past actions, but does not enumerate them
  • Missler admits to incomplete research in the past
  • Missler says he has lots of good people working for him in Idaho


A review of these charges will be posted here. Many of them have already been reviewed. Most of them are just plain patently absurd.


Missler's Lies and Misstatements

Christopher A. McHorney - cmchorne@wizard.ucr.edu

Unfortunately, when Missler speaks in person on the subject of the relationship between current events and prophesy, his presentations are also marred by a large number of inaccurate statements and outright lies. On April 9, Missler spoke at the "Prophesy Update - 1994," which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center. In order to verify the accuracy of his presentation, I obtained a copy of the tape (# CC262). Missler was often incorrect in his assessment of the state of affairs within the international system. For example, twenty-five minutes into the tape, Missler spoke about his meeting with Prince Nicholas of Liechtenstein.


According to Missler, Prince Nicholas of Liechtenstein discussed how he had "actually dismissed his parliament in order to get Maastricht through." Missler is absolutely wrong for two very basic reasons. First, Liechtenstein never voted on the Maastricht Treaty. Since Liechtenstein is not a past, current, or prospective member-state of the European Union, the citizens of the country would never have voted for or against the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. Secondly, the ratification process of the Maastricht Treaty requires a vote by the general electorate and not the parliament of each member-state of the European Union. Missler's presentation at the conference contained many errors or outright lies. I have fully documented nine of his most grievous misstatements.


Missler: "The United States is closing five hundred bases"


Reality: As a result of three rounds of hearings by the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Committee, the Defense Department is closing two hundred and fifty military bases.


1989 86 military bases

1991 34 military bases

1993 130 military bases

Total 250 military bases



Congressional Quarterly, August 5, 1989

Congressional Quarterly, August 3, 1991

Congressional Quarterly, September 25, 1993


Reality: Of the two hundred and fifty military bases that are being closed by the Defense Department, only seventy are considered to be major military bases (35.7%).


Source: Los Angeles Times, May 19, 1994


Missler: "There are twenty-five countries with nuclear weapons that are presently building ICBMs and they are mad at each other"


Reality: Currently, there are eleven countries with nuclear weapons. However, three out of the eleven nations have agreed to destroy their entire nuclear arsenal.


Eight nations with nuclear weapons: Britain, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the United States.


Three nations that possess nuclear weapons, but have pledged to remove or dismantle all nuclear weapons from their territory: The Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.


One nation on the nuclear threshold: North Korea


Two nations with active development programs: Iran and Iraq


Seven nations with potential for nuclear weapons: Germany, Poland, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, South Korea, and Japan


Source: Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1994; A14


Missler: "12,000 nuclear warheads in missiles presently targeted to U.S. cities"


Reality: This statement by Chuck Missler is inaccurate for several reasons.


I would argue that it is safe to assume that the Defense Department does not possess precise information as to the targeting of the missiles of Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union. Furthermore, the United States has never been considered as the sole target of the nuclear missiles of Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union. Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union do not even possess 12,000 nuclear warheads. In fact, the number of nuclear warheads in the arsenal of Russia and the former republics of the Soviet Union is decreasing with the passage of time. The data displayed in Table I clearly demonstrates the inaccuracy of the assumption by Chuck Missler that 12,000 nuclear warheads are presently targeted at U.S. cities


Table I. Number of Nuclear Warheads








United States 12,650 8,380 3,500

Former Soviet Union 10,800 9,663 3,300

China 480 500+

Britain 350 200 300

Israel 200 unknown

India 50 unknown

Pakistan 15 unknown


Sources: The Arms Control Association and the Natural Resources Defense Council


Missler: Iran has purchased seven nuclear weapons on the black market


Reality: Chuck Missler is either divulging top secret information or disinformation.


"No bombs or other warheads are known to have leaked out of the former Soviet Union"


In order to prevent the theft of a nuclear weapon, access to warheads is limited to groups of three.


Source: Los Angeles Times, May 8, 1994; A14


Missler: "We've invested 43 billion dollars helping the Russians to continue to build their military"


Reality: Foreign aid funding for Russia and the other former republics of the Soviet Union has never come close to 43 billion dollars, even when it is aggregated over the last four fiscal year. For FY 1994, Congress appropriated only 2.5 billion dollars in foreign aid for Russia and the other former republics of the Soviet Union. Congress established the following recommendations for the appropriation of the 2.5 billion dollars


$900 million for private sector development


$125 million for a privatization fund


$470 million for technical assistance for the energy and environmental sectors


$295 million to support exchange programs and other pro-democracy initiatives


$190 million for more housing for Russian military officers to facilitate their withdrawal from the Baltic's and other countries


$239 million for humanitarian assistance


Source: Congressional Quarterly, August 5, 1989


Missler: The Assistant Secretary of Defense estimates that the probability of military conflict in the Middle East is high.


Reality: Ever since Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948, the probability of military conflict in the Middle East has been high.


Missler: Characterization of the press as "basically illiterate"


One of several blatantly false lies targeted at the media.


Missler: Prince Nicholas of Liechtenstein "actually dismissed his parliament in order to get Maastricht through"


Liechtenstein is not a member of the European Union and thus it has not voted on the Maastricht Treaty.


Missler: "Over 70% (of Europeans) do not want it (the Maastricht Treaty)"


A cross-sectional (across countries) time-series (across time) analysis of survey data from the Euro-Barometer reveals the inaccuracy of this assumption. The Euro-barometer is an opinion survey that is conducted on an annual basis by the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. Respondents are randomly chosen through the use of multistage national probability samples and national stratified quota samples. The respondents ranged in age from fifteen years or older and were chosen from each of the twelve European Community nations.


I will analyze the data that was gathered by the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research received when they asked each respondent to assess his or her attitude toward membership in the European Union. Data for this question is available from 1973 to 1992.


Chuck Missler claims that only 30% of all Europeans are in favor of the Maastricht Treaty. An evaluation of the results of my analysis, which I have displayed in Table II, clearly demonstrates that the data is supportive of the hypothesis that a majority of Europeans are supportive of the Maastricht Treaty.


An accurate interpretation of Table II would be that 79.9% of all opinion polls taken on an annual or semi-annual basis indicated majority support (50.1%) for the Maastricht Treaty at the national level.


Table II







50% or less of the respondents answered "good thing" when asked to assess their attitude toward membership in the European Union





Greater than 50% of the respondents answered "good thing" when asked to assess their attitude toward membership in the European Union











Source: Euro-Barometer


Table III 1989 Euro-barometer Survey















































































United Kingdom















Source: Euro-barometer 31


In Table III, I have displayed a cross-sectional analysis of support for the European Union in 1989. As one can clearly see, the Maastricht Treaty is supported by a majority of the population of each country, with the only exceptions being Denmark and the United Kingdom. Of course, Chuck Missler chose to cite opposition by the Danes and the British to the Maastricht Treaty as empirical evidence for his hypothesis.


An analysis of Table IV reveals that support for the European Union is positively correlated with the passage of time.


Table IV


Attitude Toward the European Union




50% or less of the respondents answered "good thing" when asked to assess their attitude toward membership in the European Union


Greater than 50% of the respondents answered "good thing" when asked to assess their attitude toward membership in the European Union



Frequency: 15

Percent: 23.8%


Frequency: 48


Percent: 76.2%



Frequency: 27

Percent: 25.2%


Frequency: 80

Percent: 74.8%



Frequency: 1

Percent: 2.8%


Frequency: 35

Percent: 97.2%


Source: Euro-Barometer


In Table V, I have displayed the mean, median, and modal scores for my analysis. Once again, the results support my hypothesis that a majority of Europeans are supportive of the Maastricht Treaty.


Table V

Mean 61.80%

Median 65.50%

Mode 65.50%


Source: Euro-Barometer


Charges of Murder Against President Clinton


by Christopher A. McHorney



In the September edition of the Personal Update, Missler wrote an article derived almost exclusively from a private letter from Nicholas A. Guarino, the editor of the Wall Street Underground. In the letter, Guarino develops a hypothesis that Clinton ordered the downing of the jet carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in order to obtain his permanent silence on a number of different scandals. On the basis of some questionable events that followed the crash (e.g., a shoddy investigation by the Air Force and questionable suicide), Guarino speculates that Clinton ordered the murder of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and thirty-four other passengers.


In order to "prove" Clinton's complicity in the mass murder, Guarino develops a highly speculative crash scenario. For example, Guarino theorizes that two American "operatives" promised to reward Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic for helping to divert the plane (IFOR-21) carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown into St. John's Hill by making him "a very rich man." According to Guarino, Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic shut off his Non-Directional Radio beacon at 2:52 in the afternoon, six minutes before the crash of IFOR-21. With the fate of the passengers and crew of IFOR-21 in their hands, the American operatives cold-bloodedly powered up the decoy beacon on St. John's Hill. In order to cover up any loose ends, a hit squad murdered Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic three days after the fatal crash of IFOR-21. Despite the seriousness of the charges, Guarino failed to offer any substantiating evidence for his theory in the letter. In fact, the selection of the deceased Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic as the fall guy and two unidentifiable Americans as the key operatives allowed Guarino to develop a completely non-falsifiable theory. Unfortunately for Guarino, non-falsifiability is a common characteristic of weak theory. Successful empirical testing can lend strength to a theory or hypothesis. However, a non-falsifiable theory or hypothesis can not be validated through careful testing.


Why did Chuck Missler move to Idaho?


Lots to come on this one. Missler's address is:

Koinonia House Inc.,

P.O. Box D,

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816-0347


What else has Chuck Missler "written"?


We don't know what other books that Missler has written, but some other books that bear Missler's name include:


  • Missler, Young, Countdown to Eternity - Prologue to Destiny, (San Juan Capistrano, CA; Joy Publishing, 1992), ISBN 0-939513-53-6
  • Stewart, Missler, The Coming Temple, (Orange, CA; Dart Press, 1991), ISBN 1-877825-07-7

Don Stewart is the current host of KWVE Radio Program To Every Man an Answer.

  • Missler, Eastman, The Creator Beyond Time and Space
  • Missler, McAlvany, Breese, Sumerall, Arms, etc., Earth's Final Days
  • Missler, The Magog Invasion, (Palos Verdes, CA; Western Front Ltd., 1995)


Other Books About Missler


  • American Militias - Rebellion, Racism, and Religion, Abanes, Richard, (Grovers Down, IL; Intervarsity Press, 1996) ISBN 0-8308-1368-3. Missler is covered on pages 198-202. Chuck Smith is covered on page 219.
  • Bible Prophecy - Failure or Fulfillment, Callahan, Tim, ISBN 0965504700. Missler is covered on pages 218-219.
  • Fakes, Frauds & Other Malarkey, Kathryn Lindskoog, (, Zondervan), ISBN 0-310-57731-4. Missler is covered in pages 121-122.


Where are Chuck Missler's Internet Resources?


KH Logo

Chuck Missler's Koinonia House


Obviously, we can not recommend this site as being a reliable source of information, but we have included it for the sake of fairness. Do you think Missler will include a link to our page for the sake of Acts 17:11?

What's this KH thing?


Koinonia House is Missler's organization that is presently based in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Missler claims 90,000 subscribers to his Personal Update newsletter.


What's this Acts 17:11 Verse that Missler always refers to?


The Bible verse that Chuck Missler constantly repeats


Acts 17:11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.


How do I send you information about Missler?


We no longer receive the "Personal Update" from KH and really hate the idea of sending in the $20 to re-subscribe. Could someone send us back issues or re-subscribe for us at our P. O. Box address listed above? Let us know if you would like to do this and we will remove this appeal afterwards.

One Last Beg


We would appreciate it if someone would send us copies of books and tapes by Missler. E-mail before sending anything as we may already have a copy of it. We can not afford to buy all of the materials and really want to do some in depth reviews of them.

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