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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 1 month ago

More Crazy Chuck


Chuck Missler at CCCM on 6-13-97. Some of the more outrageous statements are described herein.


1. Missler : Israel is outnumbered 540 to 1 by her enemies.

If Israel has 4,000,000 Jews that means that over 2 billion people are her enemies. That's about 1/2 of the population of planet earth. If Missler is drawing statistics from the entire world, then he neglects the millions of Jews in the united states (over 10 million last time we checked). This would mean that Israel would have well over 7 billion enemies. Is Missler counting dead people as well in all history?

Missler clarified what he meant here on his newest tape series (The Betrayal of the Chosen) where he stated that the 540 to 1 ratio was land area. This makes the comparison even more irrelevant. There are numerous Arab nations and the majority of their land area is desert. Israel can afford to irrigate due to water from the sea of Galilee.

2. Missler: An early heresy in the church is this idea that the church has replaced Israel

It's so early that Paul and the apostles taught it. Missler did not deal with any of the proof texts of the other side (the Israel of God, synagogue of Satan, etc.). See our article on this subject.

3. Luke 19:44 was fulfilled in 70 AD.

Missler is correct.

Luke 19:44 And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.

This is a parallel text to:

Mat 24:2 And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

Matt 24 was fulfilled in 70 AD. Missler has admitted too much.

5. Missler will be at Roswell, New Mexico on July 5th, for the 50th anniversary of the "Roswell Incident" as a "Christian witness". Missler will not be at CCCM in July due to this.

6. Missler's new book was to be called "Alien Encounters", and it's now been retitled as "The Cosmic Delusion". "Bob" at Harvest House told Missler that the book was killed. Missler reported several major secular publishers are looking at it. Per Missler, it was just too close in timing to the Heavens Gate tragedy for Harvest House to touch it. According to Missler his detractors have been effective in stopping publishers from touching him. Hopefully, the secular publishers will take a look at the "Magog Invasion" plagiarism issues as the Christian publishers may be aware of Missler's practices. They need to check any Missler books VERY CAREFULLY for plagiarism of other published sources.

7. Missler talked about the prophetic implications of Genesis 6:4 passage. This is more of the "Anti-Christ is an E. T." stuff over again. Reportedly Missler was told by Chuck Smith to tone down this other stuff and get back to the central message, but Missler can't seem to quite get there.

8. Woody Young (Missler's publisher of Countdown to Eternity) was there hawking his pet projects. Joy Publishing.

9. Missler claimed to have a copy of a letter from Benjamin Netanyahu promising that that Israel Anti-prosthelytizing(sp?) act will not happen.

10. Missler claimed that the next job of Bill Clinton would be to be the Secretary General of the United Nations and that it would be changed to be a permanent position.

11. Missler pushed 7th district Bob Barr who he said is leading the impeachment campaign against Bill Clinton. Missler said that there is "high treason" in Washington DC. Missler claimed that there's a "drift towards fascism" in the US.

12. Missler conveniently side stepped the Timothy McVeigh conviction. Missler had made many previous points that McVeigh had not been convicted. Why not mention now that he had, Chuck?

13. When asked from the audience about the "red heifer" that was born, Missler was uncharacteristically stealthy. He claimed that it "might" be the right one, but was pushing the Vendyll Jones claims that the location of the ashes is already known and just waiting for the day.

14. Claimed that there are several hundred men in training for temple service right now.

15. Claimed that there are NO Systematic Theologies that deal with the subject of Israel and the church. This is patently false. Every systematic theology book that I have (4 of them within arms reach) deals with the subject. Wayne Grudhem has pages 859 - 863 dedicated exclusively to the subject. Chafer has large amounts of his Systematic Theology dedicated to the subject (from a Dispensationalist perspective). Berkhof and Strong also deal with it in detail.

16. Missler presented a study of the history of Israel in an extended and very boring lecture style. Ended well after 9 PM. People getting up to leave as he was droning on way too long. Tried to draw a parallel between Checkslvokia(sp?) in 1938 and Israel today (trading land for peace) Parallel is missing too many things. Is Arafat Hitler in Missler's mind?

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