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Yet More Crazy Chuck Missler


We took a quick trip to Missler's khouse web site to gather some more Misslerisms.

Missler Encourages People to not check him out


Missler wrote:


In contrast, we have also received the indescribable encouragement, on a number of occasions, from the reaction of several radio talk show hosts (and also on Internet traffic over various controversies) by those who rebutted aspersions about us without even needing to "check." Praise God for such examples! Read the article.


Missler's article against gossip has his own gossip in it


In one of the funnier stories, Missler has an article written against gossip where he proceeds to give an example of where Walter Martin tried to speak with him about a problem with Chuck Smith's public teachings. Of course Missler's own accounting of Martin's "sin" is itself gossip:


During an interval prior to a board meeting, Walter came up to me, with that mischievous grin of his, and began, "You know what Chuck Smith said at his service the other night.."

I stopped him mid-sentence and asked, "Wait a minute, Walter. What was Chuck's response when you questioned him on this? For I know you are far too Scriptural in your Christian walk to pass something on without first having reviewed it with him. What was his response when you reviewed this with him?" Read the article.


Allegorical Interpretations


Missler's writings are full of allegorical interpretations and speculation.


It is interesting that this book can be viewed as prophetic of the Church, which was "hidden" in the Old Testament. Read the article.


Missler emphasized typology:


The exquisite parallels have been well recognized by many Biblical scholars: Naomi (typifying Israel) returning to the land, and Ruth (typifying the Bride of Christ), each established by the act of redemption by the kinsman-redeemer Boaz What is remarkable is how even the subtle details of the Book of Ruth seem to support the "typological" view. Read article.


Missler admits to his own speculations.


While these conjectures are fun to explore, let's remember they are always just conjectures. Read article.


Another example of Missler's speculation:


There is apparently a heavenly tally counter that is yet to be full, or complete. It seems that every time someone trusts the Lord Jesus for their salvation, that counter is incremented by one. Someday, when it is finally complete, the Father will say to the Son, "Go get them!" But only He knows the completing number; no one else does. Read the article.


Use of Rabinnical Sources


Missler quotes spurious sources:


It is interesting that there is a rabbinical tradition that Enoch was born on the 6th of Sivan Read article.


70th Week Gap Theory


Missler is a proponent of the gap in the 70th week of Daniel Theory:


9:26 An interval between the 69th and the 70th week Read article.

9:26 An Interval between the 69th and 70th Week


There appears to be a gap between the 69th week (verse 25) and the 70th week (verse 27):


There is a remaining seven-year period to be fulfilled. There is a remaining seven-year period to be fulfilled.


Charges of Murder Against President Clinton


by Christopher A. McHorney



In the September edition of the Personal Update, Missler wrote an article derived almost exclusively from a private letter from Nicholas A. Guarino, the editor of the Wall Street Underground. In the letter, Guarino develops a hypothesis that Clinton ordered the downing of the jet carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown in order to obtain his permanent silence on a number of different scandals. On the basis of some questionable events that followed the crash (e.g., a shoddy investigation by the Air Force and questionable suicide), Guarino speculates that Clinton ordered the murder of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and thirty-four other passengers.


In order to "prove" Clinton's complicity in the mass murder, Guarino develops a highly speculative crash scenario. For example, Guarino theorizes that two American "operatives" promised to reward Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic for helping to divert the plane (IFOR-21) carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown into St. John's Hill by making him "a very rich man." According to Guarino, Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic shut off his Non-Directional Radio beacon at 2:52 in the afternoon, six minutes before the crash of IFOR-21. With the fate of the passengers and crew of IFOR-21 in their hands, the American operatives cold-bloodedly powered up the decoy beacon on St. John's Hill. In order to cover up any loose ends, a hit squad murdered Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic three days after the fatal crash of IFOR-21. Despite the seriousness of the charges, Guarino failed to offer any substantiating evidence for his theory in the letter. In fact, the selection of the deceased Maintenance Chief Niko Jerkuic as the fall guy and two unidentifiable Americans as the key operatives allowed Guarino to develop a completely non-falsifiable theory. Unfortunately for Guarino, non-falsifiability is a common characteristic of weak theory. Successful empirical testing can lend strength to a theory or hypothesis. However, a non-falsifiable theory or hypothesis can not be validated through careful testing.


Another Personal Update Error


by Christopher McHorney


Workers for the 21st Century

"The battle of the decade is upon us and the majority of Christian parents are snoozing through it. The outcome will determine whether or not your children or grandchildren will be raised in the Christian faith. Such language is alarmist but for one thing: it's true."

John Loeffler, World Affairs Editor


In the lead article of the May issue of the Personal Update, John Loeffler engages in wild and unsubstantiated speculation about the hidden agenda behind the CAREERS Act. Without a single footnote or bibliographical reference, Loeffler develops a grand conspiracy that involves "unelected officials, psychologists, and education experts" in a plot to transform the American population into slaves. Loeffler even accuses teachers of "brainwashing" their students with techniques borrowed from the Soviet Union. He never explains how the CAREERS Act will allow the government to prevent parents from raising their children in the Christian faith.


Another Missler Inaccuracy


By Christopher McHorney



Is his open letter to Hank Hanegraaff, Chuck Missler claims that,


Abanes's book builds its case on a single bibliographic note concerning an article about the court martial of Michael New for his commitment to the Constitution published in our November 1995 Personal UPDATE newsletter. In that article, we gratefully acknowledged the source that had called our attention to this ostensible miscarriage of justice. Regardless of the source, the information reported about Michael New proved correct.


In reality, information from the source (The Spotlight) did not prove to be accurate. Contrary to his claims, Missler did not use The Spotlight as a source of information about the case of Specialist Michael New. However, Missler did use The Spotlight as a source of information about Presidential Decision Directive 25 (PDD 25). In his article, Missler claimed that PDD 25 would allow the United Nations to seize control of our armed forces in times of national emergency. After reading a declassified copy of PDD 25, I found no evidence to support that conclusion. Rather that relying on a primary source (declassified version of PDD 25) for his article on Michael New, Chuck Missler chose to draw from a newsletter with anti-Semitic tendencies. I did tell Chuck Missler about the availability of a declassified version of PDD 25 (see letter dated December 15, 1995).

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