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Missler Labels His "Attackers" as "New World Order Conspirators"


Chuck Missler has recently labeled his "attackers" as New World Order Conspirators. Missler has also again made many other statements that are patently false. These charges were made publically at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, on Feb 14, 1997. The audio and video tape are available from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Word for Today. On the tape Missler can be heard saying:


  • Prominent authors are ministers of Satan (not so oblique reference to Richard Abanes?)
  • The attack on Missler is an attack on the body of Christ from the Christian left
  • Missler specifically names Richard Abanes from the pulpit
  • Missler repeats that he is not anti-semitic
  • Missler's staff told him that Abanes's book is "unscholarly, a smear job, poorly researched, etc
  • Missler claims that Tex Marrs is threatening a lawsuit for libel
  • Missler claims that books reviews of Abanes's book have been negative and holds up the review articles but does not list the references
  • Missler reminds the listener that McVeigh has not yet been convicted
  • Claims there is no evidence for any connection between the militias and the Oklahoma City bombing
  • Attacks Abanes's statements on the limits on free speech
  • Missler admits that the use of Spotlight as a source was a mistake and blames a rush to publishing deadline
  • Missler claims he was confused and thought the source was actually "Media Spotlight", a Christian media guide
  • Missler admits that Spotlight is an antisemitic source
  • States that Warren Duffy brought it to his attention already in the past
  • Missler says source are sources and they are what they are
  • Missler claims that he was libeled by the statement that Personal Update took an "ad" for Spotlight
  • Missler says Chuck Smith told him that he had never approved the article
  • Missler then chose to put up the public letter to Hanegraaff
  • Missler chose to put it onto the home page to answer the many e-mails that he was already getting
  • Missler states that Chuck Smith confirmed again that he had not approved the article and further claims that Smith tried to stop the article
  • Missler then proceeded to read the complete letter to Hanegraaff
  • Missler claims that Walter Martin would never have allowed this to happen during his leadership at CRI
  • Missler claims that Walter Martin always protected...
  • Missler admits that he has made mistakes
  • Missler states that he has been a victim of his own haste
  • Missler then proceeds to make the claim that this is all much bigger than it appears (New World Order Conspiracy stuff)
  • Missler claims that the attacks are a badge of credential to him and K-House
  • Missler claims Hank is distincing himself from Abanes and that Hank says he did not review it too carefully
  • Hank told Missler (per Missler) that Chuck Smith had approved the article
  • Missler claims that Abanes is at the top of the list of 106 disgruntled ex-employees but admits that's confusing to him
  • Missler mentions Abanes's connection to the Skeptic Society and his position on the editorial board of the Skeptics Magazine
  • Missler repeats part of a private conversation he had with Abanes on the phone
  • Missler says Abanes tried to convince him that he is actually a conservative Christian
  • Missler then proceeds into a tyrade against the people (the Bobgans?) who have been critical of Nan Missler's writings and views of Psychology and the subconscious mind
  • Missler tells how Satan is attacking him because of the new book he's writing on the alien connection to the Antichrist (Alien Encounters available through Amazon.Com)
  • Missler reports that his computer system was hacked into
  • Missler claims to have enlisted the "World's experts" in computer security to solve the hacker problem
  • Missler makes another appeal to Chuck Smith as believing the same things about the New World Order as he does
  • Missler claims that those who do not agree with him on the NWO do so due to poor scholarship
  • Missler talks again about those who are "theoretically" within the body of Christ
  • (Earlier in the day on the Duffy show, Missler said Abanes was "posing as a Christian")
  • Missler then proceeds into a long extended boring dissertation about the history of the NWO
  • Later, Missler returns to the psychology subject
  • Missler says Nancy is being falsely portrayed (Bobgans?)
  • Missler claims to be "drowned in letters of support"
  • One person told him that his enemies are practicing a form of "legalism"
  • Missler then proceeds to read part of Max Lucado's book on the subject
  • Missler then proceeds to tell the audience, that the biggest deception is yet to come
  • Missler claims that Harvest House is interested in his new book called "Alien Encounters"
  • Missler quotes Hal Lindsey to the effect that the Anti-Christ will either be an alien, or have alien connections
  • Missler claims that the end times event will be a second visit of some more fallen angels to have sex with women (like Genesis 6 account)
  • Missler quotes an author who says UFO's are not actually objects, but are windows
  • Missler appeals to 1 Peter 2:4 and Jude 6-7 as proof texts
  • Missler appeals to Daniel 2 as proof text and says "they will mingle themselves with the seed of men" is evidence that the anti-christ will be an extraterrestrial
  • Missler claims that the Mars probe will find much more proof for life on Mars on July 4, 1997
  • Missler implies (as only Missler can) that the Hebrews verse about "entertaining angels unawares" may not be referring to good angels at all
  • Missler asks for prayer to help him endure the attacks
  • Missler admits that he has made mistakes in the past
  • Missler admits that he has not acknowledged sources in the past
  • Missler talks about those who are making attacks on him
  • Missler claims that his attackers have lost sight of their calling and mission
  • Missler claims to have repented to God for past actions, but does not enumerate them
  • Missler admits to incomplete research in the past
  • Missler says he has lots of good people working for him in Idaho


A review of these charges will be posted here. Many of them have already been reviewed. Most of them are just plain patently absurd.

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