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Are Calvary Chapels Politically Involved?

Conservative Politics


Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa has attracted a great deal of attention to itself from the "liberal media" by their staunch support of conservative political causes. The LA Times has run several stories in the past few years about this connection.

Connection to Militias


Richard Abanes has documented in his book American Militias, the connection between Chuck Missler and elements of the extremist racist militia movement in America.


Missler has been found quoting extremist racist militia movement literature in his monthly newsletter.

New World Order Conspiracy Theories


According to Abanes on page 219 of American Militias:


Chuck Smith endorses yet another New World Order conspiracy-exposing book, En Route to Global Occupation, by Gary Kah.


Abanes documents the extremist literature that Kah's book is based on.


Abanes has been rewarded for his efforts by being publically slandered by Chuck Missler over the book and the subsequent article in the Christian Research Journal.

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