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Louis "Skip" Heitzig


Heitzig is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque (now called Calvary of Albuquerque - CA). Heitzig resigned to locate to Southern California and pastor Ocean Hills Calvary (OHC). This story has broken recently about Skip and CA. The story has even made it into Christianity Today.


Skip is married to Lenya.


Why Skip left Albuquerque

Speculation has run rampant that the reason Skip left Albuquerque for Southern California is that Skip was led to believe that he was next in line for the throne (Senior Pastor position at CCCM).


Skip Skipped School

At one point Skip claimed to have several seminary degrees.



It's important that we realize that only God can ordain anybody. I love to answer the question when people ask me, "Who ordained you?" Now, I do have ordination papers, and I do have some seminary degrees, but I never like to bring them up - I really don't care much about them.


Skip's claim is repeated in some of his on-line biographies.


We became suspicious for several reasons, particularly the confusion between seminary education and ordination itself which was evident in the rest of the paper. Heitzig reportedly said:


The way most seminaries work, I think, is backwards from the Bible. I think most institutions are like this: You come, we'll train you, and then we'll ordain you, you'll have a piece of paper, now you're ready to go out.


The confusion here is that denominations ordain people, not seminaries.


Additionally, any decent seminary takes many years part time, to complete a degree. Skip's claim to have some (more than one) seminary degrees (plural) is just not plausible.


There is a claim that Skip attended Trinity Seminary. That's hard to believe given Trinity located in Deerfield, IL has no New Mexico extension campus.


Skip is said to have attended Trinity University which is located in New Mexico. They do offer BA and MA degrees in Bible, but they are not a seminary in any real sense of the word. They are a self-directed study program. They are not accredited by the ATS.


Is Heitzig padding his resumé?


Skip the Tapes

The web page also has a list of tapes by Skip. They have such people pleasing names as:


* "Disciples, Dropouts, And Doublecrossers" (John 6:60-71)

* "Moses The Champ. of Tough Choices" (Heb.11:24-30)

* "Finders Weepers, Losers Keepers" (Matt.16:21-28)

* "Take Out The Trash" (Col. 3:5-11)

* "Mega Prayers For Mega Trials" (I Sam. 19/Psalms 59)


After listening to most of these tapes, I'd simply suggesting saving your $.

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