Do Calvary Chapel Pastors Teach Through the Bible?


Calvary Chapel, and Chuck Smith in particular, take pride in the assertion that they teach the Bible, book-by-book and not topically. Chuck Smith teaches through the entire Bible starting at Genesis and ending at Revelation in about a 5-year cycle. It is a pattern that Smith has repeated many times.


Calvary Chapel Bible College Patterned on Chuck

Certainly the same teaching pattern has been repeated by most of those that have received their training at CCBC. At CCBC the core of the curriculum is listening to Chuck Smith's teaching tapes. Not all Calvary Chapel pastors teach in this way. Some teach topically also.


Denominational Churches go through the Bible too

Remember that the creedal denominational type churches have used this teaching technique for centuries. It is called the Lectionary. They all have a church year that consists of readings from the Old Testament (the Law), the Gospels, and/or the Epistles of Paul. Sermons are typically based on the passages that are the readings for that particular week.


Thus, the only substantial difference between Calvary Chapel's practice of reading through the Bible in 5 years, and practices of the mainline denominations, is that the mainline denominations complete the entire Bible in one year.


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